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How to Rent the Perfect Formal Dress for Your Body Type and Finding Dresses at Sydney Dress Hire

August 10, 2018

Choosing the perfect evening dress for a special occasion is all about focusing on the positives. Every woman has something about her body she’d like to change, but we also have positives we can bring attention to for the best possible look. Forget the idea of a “perfect body” – choosing a dress that’s flattering on your unique body is a great way to love the skin you’re in. Here are some tips for selecting a flattering dress, no matter what your shape is.

Pear shapes

If you have fuller hips and thighs, look for a dress that’s no shorter than one to two inches above the knee. An A-line skirt can be very flattering on you but stay away from anything too full, as this can look overly bulky. You can also draw the eye upward with bolder colours on top, and you may even choose two-piece dresses.

Apple shapes

If you have a wider waistline, you can camouflage its appearance by visually elongating your torso and drawing attention up and down, away from your waist. Empire-waist dresses are perfect for this shape, and drop waist styles can also look fantastic. Avoid thick belts around your middle; if you’d like a dress with a belt, make it a sash or chain belt slung low on the hips.

Smaller bust

If you’d like to add fullness to your bust, stay away from deep, plunging necklines. Instead, go for dresses that have bandeau or scoop tops along with sequins or other embellishments that add dimension where you need it. Layered necklines are another good option.

Slim figure

If you have a slim figure, and you’d like to create a curvier look, there are several ways to do this. First, you can add layers. Or, add a thick belt to define your waistline. Bubble dresses can make your lower body look fuller. You can add curves with peplums, ruffles, or even large patterns on your lower half.

Rent a Formal Dress in Sydney to Flatter Your Body Type

Whatever your body shape, you can find a beautiful dress to flatter your body. Determining your body type can help you choose the best clothing options to create a balanced silhouette. Knowing what to look for can save you hours of frustrated shopping moments trying to figure out what to buy. Accentuate the positives and don’t obsess over the rest.

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