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Tips for Styling a Cocktail Dress and Finding Cocktail Dresses for Rent at Sydney Dress Hire

August 10, 2018

A cocktail dress is a go-to choice for many social events. From wedding receptions to work parties, women need cocktails dresses for many semiformal and formal occasions. However, if you aren’t sure what to look for or how to wear a cocktail dress, shopping for one can be frustrating. Consider the following tips for achieving a personal style that flatters your body and makes you look and feel amazing.

Choose the right dress

Your look starts with the right dress. Instead of trying to hide parts of your body you’re self-conscious about, focus on highlighting your best features. For example, low-cut necklines accentuate a graceful profile or bust, while shorter hems showcase shapely legs. Look for a dress with a strong focal point, whether it brings out your legs, waist, bust, or even your beautiful smile. You can draw attention to your face with large earrings and a simple, classic dress. Feel good about your strong features – confidence is key when it comes to looking your best.

Accessorise with care

Accessorising is how you take a dress and turn it into a part of your personal style and overall look. The same dress can look several different ways depending on what accessories you put with it. When you’re trying on a dress, imagine it with various accessories, such as large earrings and a statement lipstick, or low-key makeup, drop earrings, and formal heels. Think about what colour and style your shoes and handbags should be for the best look.

Pay attention to length

Cocktail dresses come in a variety of lengths, from a few inches above the ankle to a few inches above the knee. Petite women can create height by choosing shorter dresses. Taller women have more flexibility, but a very tall, slim woman can achieve a more balanced look by avoiding very short dresses. An empire waistline is a slimming style that adds visual length, regardless of where the dress’s hem falls.

Make it yours

The adage “wear the dress, don’t let it wear you” is a good one to remember. Whatever dress you choose, make it fit your style and the specific occasion with the right accessories, makeup, and hair. You can pair your cocktail dress with a variety of bags, shoes, jewellery, and makeup, to create a look that’s all yours. Avoid choosing a trendy gown just because it’s trendy; look for a dress that looks great on you and expresses your style. If you love how you look, your confidence will make you look even better.

Rent a Cocktail Dress at Sydney Dress Hire

One of the most significant problems with buying a cocktail dress is that you’ll spend a lot of money on something you may only wear once or twice. Why not rent a dress instead? At Sydney Dress Hire, we offer cocktail dress hire on an extensive collection of beautiful dresses. Our cocktail dresses for hire in Sydney include designer items in a variety of styles, colours, lengths, and cuts, so you can find something that looks fantastic for your next special event. Book a fitting with Sydney Dress Hire to hire a cocktail dress in Sydney today.

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