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Why You Should Use Our Gown Hire in Sydney and Get Designer Gowns for Rent

August 10, 2018

Why You Should Use Our Gown Hire in Sydney and Get Designer Gowns for Rent

We all know that when celebrities hit the red carpet, they are usually sporting a gown that they will wear once. For the rest of us, the idea of buying a formal gown for one night and never wearing it again may seem a bit ridiculous. However, you can get a high-end designer dress for a special event, such as a school formal, and feel like a celebrity when you rent one of the many designer gowns available through Sydney Dress Hire.

Renting Designer Gowns for School Formals the Easy Way

Many girls eagerly look forward to their Year 12 formals, but the cost of buying a gown is likely something that isn’t such a thrilling prospect. While you’ll want to look your best for such a memorable event, you’ll also want to make sure you are not breaking the bank. That’s why using a service for gown hire for your Sydney school formal makes sense.

When it comes to getting a high-end designer gown, you could spend thousands of dollars for a piece of clothing you may only wear once. For most of us, even if the Year 12 formal is a once in a lifetime event, spending so much on a dress or gown is not a realistic proposition. There’s also the issue of what to do with your gown after the night, with most girls left to decide between either going through the hassle of reselling or allowing their dress to sit untouched for years in the back of their closet.

​There is an easier (and more budget-friendly) approach to getting the designer gown you want. You can still get the look of a celebrity for your school formal without having the budget of one when you use Sydney Dress Hire to get the gown you’ll love for an unforgettable evening. You’ll pay a fraction of the price and still get a dress sure to turn heads and help you feel special at such a pivotal time in your life.

Where to Get High-End Gowns for Rent in Sydney

Sydney Dress Hire offers high-end gowns and dresses for hire from top designers, including Galanni, Balmain, Camilla, and Sherri Hill. When you browse online, you can see all the gorgeous gowns we have available, perfect for a school formal or other black-tie event. We have more gowns for rent than most other dress hire services, meaning you can take advantage of our fantastic selection to find the right dress that best suits you without having to compromise. Many of our dresses and gowns are available in sizes 6-10, but you are always welcome to schedule an appointment for a fitting at our Stanmore-based store to ensure that the gown you select fits right.

​Don’t wait to get a dress you’ll love for your school formal or other special event. Search online or book an appointment today for a viewing and fitting near Sydney CBD. When you look back on your memories and the way that you look and felt, you’ll be glad you had the chance to rent one of our designer gowns to make your night feel truly special.

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